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The Top 5 WORST Linux Distribution in 2020

As people are releasing the top 5 best Linux distributions of the year, I want to talk about the distributions this year that got me riled. These 5 distributions either are technologically screwed, morally bunked, or overall controversial in some major way in 2020. So, let’s jump in the five WORST Linux distributions of 2020.

5. Manjaro

This year Manjaro has been a tad bit controversial (as always), but I really want to dive into the technology of Manjaro because overall it is the most idiotic distribution ever made. First, it more or less sells itself as the “easy” rolling-release distribution. First off, no rolling-release distribution is 100% easy. Beginners beware, this is unstable software. Manjaro is even more unstable than Arch, and even for beginners Arch is better than Manjaro. If you need a quick install of an Arch-based distribution, use Archfi or any other Arch installer. Arch is fairly stable compared to my experience on Manjaro. I used Manjaro for a month, and I don’t know how I survived.

Manjaro is lower on this list because overall it is still usable, but with its controversies and existence issues it was just enough to get on this list.

4. Linux Mint

Purely on here for controversy and it’s initial handling on the controversy. Yes, this is about the Snap and Chromium issue. Now with our #1 spot being predictably Ubuntu who more or less initiated the controversy, we will get into the Snap argument later. However, the Linux Mint side of things are not clean either. First, the repackaging of Chromium should have happened sooner than it did. The expectation was to get the browser, and Linux Mint didn’t do things. The forced removal of Snap was also poorly done.

Linux Mint had to have handled the whole Snap issue differently. That is why it is the 2nd lowest on this list.

3. OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE is my favorite bad Linux distribution. My problem with OpenSUSE is the common bugs, the difficulty of the system, and overall the slow package management (at least for me). OpenSUSE has just one too many small issues for me to not include it on this list. Luckily it seems like OpenSUSE is fairly uncontroversial distribution, so I don’t have to dive into that.

Overall, OpenSUSE is just a little too user-unfriendly for me to not include it on this list.

2. MX Linux

MX Linux is just a worse version of Debian/Devuan. I found it to be buggy and broken, and a fairly dumb distribution. This distribution already had me write an article on why I hate it.

Overall, it doesn’t have the right to be on the Distrowatch #1 spot.

1. Ubuntu

I wanted to save as much time as I can to write this bit. This will take multiple paragraphs to tell why I hate Ubuntu so let’s jump right in.

  1. Forcing Snaps is a terrible idea, it removes user choice and overall makes Ubuntu a proprietary desktop OS, that is just the fact of the matter.


These were the top 5 distributions of Linux that really grinds my gears. Disagree with an item on this list? Please leave a comment.

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